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    Oysoco are on a mission to get as many people growing their own food as possible.
    If you haven't heard of hydroponics, you're about to learn the inner workings of each hydroponic system and what equipment you'll need to get started

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    Oysoco gather research from across the web on the best practices of hydroponics so you don't have to.

    We're here to curate outstanding content.

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Learn To Grow With Hydroponics

  • Let Oysoco show you a basic understanding behind the science of growing plants without soil. You could start growing your own food to eat and, like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, become a wonder of the world.

  • Ventilation is the one of the most important components in your hydroponics system, however, it's also one of the most neglected. Don't be that person.

  • Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) relies on a shallow layer of nutrient solution being pumped from the reservoir into channels where the plant's roots sit.

  • Ebb and Flow systems periodically flood the growing tray with nutrient solution and then let it drain away so the roots have access to fresh oxygenated air.

  • Deep Water Cultures (DWC) are often how people imagine hydroponics. Plants are contained in net pots with their growing media and roots grow down into oxygen nutrient solution below.

  • Wick Systems don't require any pumps, but rely on capilary action to suck the nutrient solution up a wick where it's absorbed by the media to create a moist environment for the roots.

  • In Drip Systems, nutrient solution is pumped up into dippers which disperse the feed onto the top of the plants roots which drains back into the grow tank for further consumption.

  • We'll discuss the different types of inert growing media your plants could grow in and the advantages of each.

  • In hydroponics you'll provide nutrients directly to the water so plants have constant access to what they need to grow, leading to increased yield from not wasting energy in their search for them.

  • Discover the kind of lighting used to grow plants with hydroponics and which is the best suited to increase your plant's yield.

  • The only way to take your growing to the next level is to use a grow tent. Control every aspect of the internal environment to maximise the yield, the way nature intended.

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Charles bukowski

German/American Poet & Novelist

"If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start."

It's our mission at Oysoco to get as many people growing their own food as possible. Hydroponics is perfect for anyone who wants fast results, and great tasting food. You can't get any more local than your garage. 

The process involves growing your plants without the use of soil. Water with dissolved nutrients added is fed to the root system where it's absorbed .

This website is intended as a resource for people wanting to learn more about hydroponics. We discuss the different types of systems utilised, the best lighting available, and what sort of ventilation is necessary to maximise your yield. 

Oysoco is for the most committed people who are determined enough to give things a try.  


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grow tents


You're determined to grow the best produce known to man, committed to the cause. But if you want to compete with the best you need the right equipment.

Grow tents give you the power to control every aspect the internal environment, from light intensity to air intake. 

The 95% reflective silver mylar inner lining amplifies the amount of light reaching your plants for huge photosynthetic profit.

The 1680D fabric thickness will prevent rips, contain all smells in the tent, and soften the noise of the loudest fans to have you sleeping soundly at night. 

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